Pearl Vodka Sales Kit

The Pearl Vodka sales team wanted to streamline the amount of materials that the reps had to bring into the field. So this digital sales kit was created as a Zmag and deployed on iPads for their sales team. The kit covered the background and accolades of the brand as well as the different flavor specifics. Within the kit, the retailers could learn more about the support that they would receive from the Pearl team.

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LXG_DigSalesKit_v3_0000_Cover Page.jpg
LXG_DigSalesKit_v3_0011_Products - Strawberry Basil.jpg
LXG_DigSalesKit_v3_0012_Products - Strawberry Basil Specs.jpg
LXG_DigSalesKit_v3_0013_Marketing Support.jpg
LXG_DigSalesKit_v3_0015_Media Support.jpg